Who we are: 

We are a family committed to serving healthy, sustainable, and delicious food to everyone.

Wally opened Autobahn Cafe in 2010, an lovingly handed it over to Felipe in October 2013. Although Wally has retired from this cafe that she lovingly created, its traditional foundation has not changed. Her beautiful legacy is seen in the menu, the smiles of her highly trained staff, and the welcoming atmosphere. Felipe and his wife Diana honor this so much that they are being very careful and gradual about expanding all the best that Autobahn Cafe has to offer.  

Felipe started out thinking he wanted to go into the sustainable farming business. To pay for school he began working at a restaurant and something clicked, magic, chemistry, love, call it what you like, but Felipe found his passion in lovingly preparing food for guests.

Over the last 15 years he has explored and learned this art at every opportunity. While he was head chef at Milano Restaurant ( near the Grand Lake ) he pushed limits and perfected unique Italian recipes. Before there were TV shows about it, Felipe quietly explored ingredients and food preparation around the world. He has cooked alligator, ostrich, buffalo, and a snake appetizer-Indonesian style. 

Felipe worked at the Bancroft Hotel in Berkeley, California; while working there, Felipe explored the cuisines of the world. To call his favorite "Mediterranean" is too limiting. Over the next year Autobahn Cafe will gradually feature more flavors from Germany, Italy, Greece, and Asia.

Wally's favorite German sausage is on the menu, and in addition Felipe will offer some of his own German sausage recipes. These will appear when he finds the best meat suppliers. 

While at the Bancroft Hotel, Felipe was the executive chef with a crew that catered from everything  from comfort food to haute cuisine for 20 to 4800 people.

The catering options at Autobahn Cafe will be expanding so that your office or your family will be able to enjoy delicious, specially prepared meals without any time consuming effort. 


Why did Felipe leave the security of working at an established kitchen and take on the pressure of ownership? Because he wanted the freedom to choose the healthiest and most tasty recipes without hassles from the bosses. You will not see a microwave in his kitchen. From cookies to soups, it is all made fresh everyday.

Will everything be organic? No, not 100%. The goal is to use the freshest, healthiest, best tasting ingredients possible and to support local businesses. It takes 3 years for a farmer to produce pesticide free food before it is certified. These local farms sell delicious, fresh food, and buying from them will benefit their business, the economy and the future. 

There will be expanded catering choices. The hours are expanded as well. Our loyal customers and skilled staff are happy that Autobahn Cafe will only close two weekends instead of three during the month of